Who is Gio Bressana?

Gio Bressana, 42, was born in 1978 in Brescia and graduated as a Master of Art at the Caravaggio Institute. He has worked with internationally renowned masters with whom he has specialised in various painting techniques and arts. Study and research are a constant in his life, entirely dedicated to Beauty. He began as a painter on canvas but nothing remains of that period because at each exhibition all the works have been sold.

In the nineties Gio Bressana abandons the dimension and the concept of 'painting', which in its essence is destined to remain the same forever, he is conquered by the fresco and becomes the only Italian artist of immersive art in furniture.

Today Gio Bressana creates frescoes and paints on any surface destined for living spaces, mainly walls, fabrics and furniture, creating emotional environments in the wake of an artistic tradition deeply rooted in the West. His creations are always destined for a precise place and time and cannot be replicated.

The style draws on all the beauty that history has handed down to us, from the Renaissance to the Gothic and Baroque, right up to the Neoclassical period, without interrupting the contemporary, using ancient painting techniques as well as the most modern methods and products, to overcome every obstacle in the material and to define a language that is known, but always new and surprising.

His fame crosses continents. Gio Bressana signs the showrooms of the most famous brands, exclusive private homes of heads of State and royal families, palaces and hotels among the most prestigious on all continents. Inkiostro Bianco, Roger Vivier, Fendi Home, Bentley Home, Roberto Cavalli, Scenoghraphic, SCIC Cucine d'Italia, Dorchester Collection, as part of a multi-million-dollar restoration, and Tân Hoàng Minh Group for "Le Palais de Louis" in Hanoi, Vietnam, have also chosen Gio Bressana.

Bressana's house and studio in Frontignano, a hamlet of Barbariga (Brescia), are themselves a work of art, where every detail contributes to creating an imaginary atmosphere, from the frescoes, different in every space, to the reinvented furniture, to the objects that are the result of an artist's scouting in the world, with a small lake and a natural swimming pool that seem to be a continuum with the precious inlaid floors. All around is dense, enveloping vegetation. Everything is designed and chosen by Giò, who draws continuous inspiration from culture and nature.

Gio Bressana is the new Italian brand of living style in the world.