Inspiration comes to take you and involves you.


Where it all begins

"His furniture and decoration works are universally recognized as talent and perfection, the sign of the most authentic and immortal Italian art. His studio is in a bucolic context where you discover ponds, fish and vegetation, hellebores, anemones, macro bonsai, hibiscus , marsh plants, Japanese iris, black and Chinese bamboo, a forest of plants that surrounds you, all designed and chosen by Gio. They are the background to a fertile mind, a great competence and a fervent imagination that draws continuous inspiration from culture as well as from nature. In the old farmhouse which is also the ancestral home, the frescoes and furnishings are original from Bressana, which lives its very life as a work of art." - Anonymous

The journey goes beyond time.

It is an exclusive dimension that grows inside me and that contaminates my idea through sight, smells and sensations.

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